Friday, December 30, 2011

More about Christmas.

I am keeping the Holly Hobby vignettes fabric for now, but the other is available in our other etsy shop thriftstore, and hasn't sold yet, oddly. I want to make pillows from it, or something.

Christmas thrifting find. Vintage fabrics make me very happy.

Cookie close up.


Christmas morning light and reflections.

Some things I bought myself.

Our Christmas photos

I was very proud of these cookies.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

eva zeisel meets an old pal

She is 103 years old and still designing today. I love her.

We have listed a lot of Eva Zeisel Hallcraft Classic Shape Dinnerware in our store that we bought at an estate of a local artist. It is really amazing, beautifully thought out design. (Please note my personal Mexican lobby card of A bout de souffle in the background!) Very fine and formal for low fire ware. Also fragile, from the days before dishwashers (we had to discard a good half of it). Eva Zeisel has had an extraordinary life. (Read about her here and here She's one of those people who's charisma and beauty has lasted their whole lives.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ways to Use a Crate

I was editing some photos and I had so many ideas when I was photographing. Too many ideas for one crate. That's when I got the idea that I could use a blog to do this. So some ideas top to bottom: 1. display 2. a tote 3. a desk or table 4. books and records 5. the naked crate